How to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel and Idea

Whenever a new device is launched by Airtel, it has more security than the previous model. This time Airtel has launched e5573Cs-609 with high security and cannot be unlocked without unscrewing the router. The procedure to unlock e5573Cs-609 discussed below is risky and any mistake might make your e5573 dead forever. It is only for the educational purpose and I should not be blamed for any damage to your e5573Cs-609. However, the chances of being dead are rare and the procedure mentioned here will not erase your router’s NVRAM. So, the IMEI, serial and other important data will not get erased.

Update: The same procedure will work on IDEA e5573Cs-609 also.

Instructions to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel

To unlock e5573cs-609 locked by Airtel we need different files.

So, download and keep these file ready:-

Phase I:

Step-1: Switch on your e5573Cs-609 router which has to be unlocked and connect it to the PC / Laptop. Download and install the Huawei Mobile Partner as it contains the required driver. It is always recommended to restart the PC after installing the drivers, so it is better if you restart your PC now.

Step-2: Switch off the router, remove the battery and back cover and unscrew the router. After unscrewing remove the front cover and put the battery back in its place.

Step-3: Take tweezer or any wire and touch the Point 1 and Point 2 as shown in the pic below. Keep both points touched with one hand and insert the USB cable in the router which is already connected to PC / Laptop. You should hear a beep sound and will see some hardware is getting installed. After hearing the sound, remove the metal or shot cable but don’t disconnect the device.

How to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel and Idea

If everything is proper your device-manager will show something similar to the picture given below.

How to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel and Idea

Phase II:

Step-4:  Run Balong  USB Downloader and click on the Detect button, Your e5573 router will get detected as BOOT_3G. Click on the three points available in front of the Load button. You will be asked to select the file, choose Eusbloader.bin downloaded earlier and click on the load button.

How to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel and Idea

Let the entire process complete. Please do not interrupt or disconnect the router at this point even if it freezes. Once progress bar reaches the end, you will notice a new device will start installing and in device-manager one more COM port will get activated. You may close the balong downloader now.

How to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel and Idea

Phase III:

Step-5: You have finished the first two phases and are very close to permanently unlock e5573Cs-609, so without wasting any time let us install the firmware “21.318.99.03.00″ downloaded earlier.

Step-6: Once the installation is finished, Install “WEBUI″ and wait for this also to get over.

Step-7: Now, run DC-Unlocker and click on the magnifying glass in order to retrieve the details of your router. Once the router is detected, type AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 and press enter. It will generate some code, similar to one given in the picture below.

How to unlock e5573Cs-609 Airtel and Idea

Copy the entire code and send to us by email or by pasting in the comment section to get the unlock code.

Step-8: Finally, Install “21.318.03.00.00″ and let this also finish.

Step-9: Once you received the code, Insert unacceptable sim in your Router and switch it on. Enter the unlock code received from us and enjoy with your unlocked router.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the Unlock Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


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