How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

STC, Saudi Arabia is selling Huawei E5577s-932 model which has the firmware It is highly customized and cannot be unlocked using any firmware. Today, I am going to share the process to unlock STC E5577s-932 Router. The best part of the process is that you don’t have to unscrew the device.

Note: This App is specially developed for STC and will not work with any other router. So, it is highly recommended to use this app only with STC e5577s-932.

How to unlock STC E5577s-932 4G Router

Unplug the STC E5577s-932 router from the PC/Laptop.

Download and Install Drivers from here.

Phase I:

Download  STC E5577s-932 Unlocking App and open it. Click on Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter).  After successful login, plug in the device, let it load completely and click on Auto Detect Device button, You will get a screen similar to the one given below.

Note: If you get the message connection failed or login failed, Download this file, extract and run it. It will enable the com ports and will open Device Manager, check if there are two Com ports. If the ports are present, Click Login/AutoDetect. If you can’t see two ports, you have to fix the driver issue.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Select Go to Download Mode option. It will ask for a code, enter the exact code which you have obtained from us. Click the OK button and then the submit button.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Your STC 5577s-932 will restart, wait for some time till it gets to the correct mode to install the second firmware. The screen at this stage should look like the one given below.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Your E5577 router display screen should look same as given in the picture below.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

After the device is switched to download-mode, that is when the device screen shows “Installing”. Choose “Flash Firmware 1”  and click submit button. Wait for a few seconds and you will get a message stating “successful installation” shortlyHow to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Phase II:

Once the firmware is installed and the router is restarted completely. Press “Autodetect Device” again, which will again show your device details.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Choose “GoTo Download Mode” again. It will ask for the code, Enter the same code which you had entered last time, click OK and then Submit.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Your STC 5577s-932 will now switch to the correct mode for installing firmware and your device screen will show “Installing”. (This procedure is similar to the process of installing firmware 1, i.e. router may restart automatically)

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Click on “Flash Firmware 2”, press submit and wait for the installation finish message.

How to unlock E5577S-932 4G Router STC

Wait for the installation to finish. Afterward, detect your device again using Auto Detect option, click on “reset FTM” and click submit button. Your STC E5577 router will restart and you will have an unlocked STC E5577 pocket router.

Note: Click on “Reset-FTM” only after successfully flashing the “Firmware 2” otherwise your device will go to semi-dead mode.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the App Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


  1. Hello sir i have a stc e5577s-932 router and i need a unlock code for application
    but today i dont know why i am facing a problems to connect to your website and unable to connect to your server in application when I am trying to enter your website it says certificate error.

    thanks in advance.

    best regards.

  2. Dear Admin,

    I installed the necessary drivers, but connection failed once click on Auto Detect Device,
    I did all steps as mentioned but no benefit.

    I Worked on Windows 7 and also on Windows 8.1 !!

  3. im about to run the app for stc e5577s-932 during the installation it says “.NET Framework Initialization Error ”

    Need to install v4.0.30319

    Pls help how to fix this

  4. give me error of boot shot failed when i click on apply loader
    and when i click on auto detect device then the they detect the device but when i click on flash firmware 1then
    click on submit then its give me error agian (download mode failed ) plz help how i fix this problem.

  5. good evening
    sir my router is unlock but its battery only show full and when i off my router then connect charger its automatically mean to say not charge when its off and also not show when its charging are not plz help me

  6. can you unlock this modem . locked in fast link iraq
    Found modem : E5577s-932
    Model : Huawei E5577 (untested)
    IMEI : 866852026XXXXXX
    Firmware : 21.327.62.01.1365
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.

  7. after install firmware “1” i can’t detected the router to do the 2nd firmware

    and its stuck on HUAWEI logo

    Help me please

    windows 7

    • you have not followed the instructions properly and the device is in half dead mode. The only solution now is to unscrew the router and give us the TeamViewer access so that we can fix it remotely.

  8. i have unlock code from u but when after I click on Auto Detect Device button . I have: connection failed error
    i work on windows 7

  9. Hello . Modem Model: e5577s-932 Order Tishk Net Company. I unlocked my modem and now works with any SIM card. I just need a firmware and webui that shows the bandwidth of the mobile network and the amount of antennas in the modem, such as zain modems. Can you help me in this area? thank you

  10. helo sir my wifi was not working
    i search internet and find u tool
    i tried to update but it ask for unlock code
    what code required help me
    stc e5577s-932
    EMEI / 866852022250127

  11. hi. can your app unlock this? locked to fastlink iraq

    Found modem : E5577s-932
    Model : Huawei E5577 (untested)
    IMEI : 866852026XXXXXX
    Serial NR. : X8BDW16C19XXXXXX
    Firmware : 21.327.62.01.1365
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

  12. Dear
    the app isnot detecting my device , i don’t know why ?
    can you suggest me a solution for that , i tried many times ?

  13. hi sir. i have stc e5577s 932 i download the apps unlockmyrouter but no detect the router. plz hlp.
    imei nomber 866852023XXXXXX
    plz hlp

  14. It just keep telling me connection failed when i loged in successfully and i plug my router and i auto detect device and keep telling me connection failed
    Can you please help me
    And i bought my router before days its new

    Im working on windows 8
    And my router information

  15. please give me unlocked code and apply loader code huawei e5577s-932
    thank you now i am facing a problem stuck on boot mode cant power my device only detected as 3g modem

  16. Dear Admin, can this be unlocked?
    Operator: Tishknet
    Manufacturer : Huawei
    Model : E5577s-932
    Firmware : 21.327.62.01.1365

  17. plz
    i unlocked E5577s-932 done by unlockmyrouter
    but icant login
    error user and pass
    i tary test modem but after try rest modem hang black screen
    plz how to fix

  18. Hi Admin,
    Can you provide me unlock code for my modem. This is for personal use, I need to change ISP.
    Model: Huawei E5577s-932
    IMEI: 866852023XXXXXX
    Provider: STC

  19. Must a STC SIM be inside the MIFI router? When I put in a SIM from another network, it says device locked. I have installed the software and the app but it doesn’t detected by the app. Hence, does this mean I have to have a STC SIM for it to be deteceted by the app?

  20. I put in the sim of another network in and it says Device Locked. Every time the app tries to detect the device, it says connection failed and ‘No Com Ports found’ message. I have installed the driver/software, but still getting the same message.

    Must a STC SIM be inside my MIFI device for it to be detected?

    • 3G/4G depends on the frequency supported by the router and frequency used by the ISP. It has nothing to do with unlock.

      In this model stc and Zain works 4g as reported by the users

  21. Dear Admin I would like to unlock my router mentioned below
    Manufacturer : Huawei
    Model : E5577s-932
    IMEI : 866852021XXXXXX
    Serial : X8BBY15611XXXXXX
    Firmware :
    WebUI : WEBUI_17.
    Lock Status : Locked
    Attempts Left : 10 out of 10

    and please help me to make the Frequency 1800 unlocked

  22. after I click on Auto Detect Device button . I have: connection failed error

    i checked everything and tried many times but same result.

    please note that : I have w10 in my computer
    im afraid to pay and get problem not solved

    • 3G/4G depends on the frequency supported by the router and frequency used by the ISP. It has nothing to do with unlock.
      In this model, STC and Zain work 4g as reported by the users from Saudi.

  23. hallo Admin can i get the code for this.
    Model : E5577s-932
    IMEI : 866852026XXXXXX
    Serial : X8BDU17222XXXXXX
    Firmware : 21.329.63.00.1367

    • Dear Sir,

      You did not install the firmware number 2 as provided in the instructions. That’s why the router is stuck on Huawei Logo after you had chosen Reset FTM.
      We had sent an email to you, kindly reply via email. The device still can be recovered.

  24. just paid please provide me the code
    Model Number:
    Country & Network Operator:
    saudi arabia stc


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