Unlock Huawei B310s-927 STC

Every year Huawei launches new 4G Router to meet the increasing market demand. This time it is Huawei B310. STC, Saudi Arabia has recently launched B310s-927 router which carries a customized firmware.  If your Huawei B310s-927 router locked by STC is not asking for the unlock code or your Firmware version is 21.300.01.00.1304 then this post is especially for you. This method might also work with other firmware versions of the same modNel.

Note: If your firmware version is 21.316.01.00.1304 then directly Jump to Phase II.

Update: The B310s-927 Router from GO company having firmware version 21.316.01.20.1304 can also be unlocked using the same APP by directly continuing from Phase II.

Instructions to unlock Huawei B310s-927 STC 21.300.01.00.1304

Phase I:

  1. Connect B310s-927 STC router to your computer with the LAN cable.
  2. Download and install Huawei Mobile Partner from here. Restart the computer after the installation to avoid any missing driver during the unlock process.
  3. Once the drivers installed and the computer restarted, download the Firmware 21.316.01.00.1304 from here.
  4. Open in your web browser and update your B310s-927 router with the firmware downloaded in the previous step.
  5. Once the firmware is updated, proceed to Phase II.

Phase II:

1. Download B310s-927 Unlocking App from here. (Disable the Antivirus)

2. Connect the B310s-927 router to your PC using LAN cable and open the STC B310 APP.

Unlock Huawei B310s-927 STC

3. It will ask for the code. Enter the code which you have received from us. You will get the message “Unlock Successful” and your router will restart automatically.

(Note: Only Power led will be on at this stage).

Unlock Huawei B310s-927 STC

5. Close B310s-927 unlocking APP by pressing ENTER key and proceed to the next phase.

Phase IV:

  1. Download Firmware B310s-22 21.311.05.02.55.

2. Download Multicast Upgrade Tool from here. Extract and run it as Administrator. Select your Network card from the drop-down box and in the file path box, choose the firmware downloaded in the previous step and click the start button.

Note: Kindly select the appropriate network card to which your router is connected using the ethernet cable otherwise the blue light will not start.

unlock Huawei B310s-927 STC

3. Wait for some time the blue light will start blinking. If it doesn’t come up, pull the power cable from the router and put it back.

4. After a few minutes, you will notice the led will change to green color. Click on Stop button and close the upgrade tool. Disconnect everything, wait for 15 seconds and connect again after inserting non-STC sim in the B310s-927 STC router.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the App Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.



  1. good evening sir my router already the latest firmware 21.316.01.20.1304 but i did not check if its locked because its newly bought in store with my network is STC GO they said the sale boy do not remove the sim or else it will block the internet if in remove… any idea how can i know if its lock or not my device without removing the simcard…..

  2. Device name: B310s-927
    IMEI: 866175025358717
    IMSI : 420040184863821
    Hardware version: WL1B310TM
    Software version: 21.316.01.00.1304
    LAN MAC address: 50:A7:2B:89:54:CB
    WAN IP Address: Unknown
    WAN IPv6 Address: Unknown
    Antenna 1: Built-in
    Antenna 2: Built-in
    E5186 Toolbox not work properly error with wrong ip

  3. Hi, my device already unlock and i forgot admin user name and password, because already change by me previously.

    If i reset this device, it will be lock again or not? And user name and password will be back to default (admin ; admin)?

    Please help me. Thx.

    • Once the device is unlocked, reset will not lock it again. So without any worry you can reset it and the user name and password will change back to admin

    • Without LAN Port the process is complicated and requires to open and solder the USB cable on the board. So, we don’t recommend that process as it is risky. If you still want to do that way on your risk, kindly pay 6 USD. We will send you the detailed instructions.

    • No tested on b310s-925. If you want you can test it on your own risk. For testing purposes the code is free. If you want to test, send us an email with the complete system information of your router.

  4. my device isb310s-927 i am using your method .at phase 2 how i can get code i havr alredy download unlocking app plz tguide

    • You don’t need a PayPal account to pay.

      After entering the name and the rest of the details click ‘Place order’.
      You will be directed to paypal login page. There you will find an option to pay using credit card without creating an account.

      if the option is not there, click on create an account and you will get the option on the next page


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