Unlock Huawei E5172s and E5172As 4G LTE Router

 Unlock Huawei E5172s and E5172As 4G LTE Router

Unlock Huawei E5172s and E5172As 4G LTE Router

Huawei E5172 4G LTE router supports LTE FDD and LTE TDD both the frequencies at a download speed of 150Mbps and uploads speed of 50Mbps. Huawei E5172 LTE router can provide internet access to up to 32 WiFi devices and unlimited computers through LAN cable. This model is available in so many countries but in locked status, i.e. you may not be able to use another sim. Today we are going to remove that sim lock restriction, after going through this tutorial you will be able to unlock Huawei E5172s and E5172As 4G LTE Router easily.

Follow the below instructions to unlock Huawei E5172s and E5172As 4G LTE Router

  1. If your Huawei E5172s or E5172As 4G LTE Router is on, then switch it off.
  2. Once the router is switched off, remove any cable connected to the e5172 router.
  3. Firmly insert any unacceptable SIM card in the router.
  4. Plug in the power adapter cable and switch on the e5172 router.
  5. Once it is switched on, connect the router to PC with LAN cable or wifi(I will recommend LAN cable).
  6. Open your web browser and type router’s default IP address in the browser. (If you don’t know your IP address see the label printed at the bottom of the router)
  7. When prompted, log in to the device by entering the username and password as admin.
  8. It should redirect you to the unlocking page.
  9. If you are not directed automatically, then search the option to enter the SIMLock code. It might be in the network settings.
  10. Enter the correct 8-digit code to unlock your router and click ok.
  11. Your router may restart to apply the new settings.

Huawei E5172 Router from almost any country can be unlocked using this method.

To get the unlock code, comment below with your device Model and IMEI number.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 3 USD to get the Unlock Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


  1. tried to update my router with the firmware you gave. while updating, it is giving error message- file verification failed for both.

    • IMEI: 869763016XXXXXX
      Unlock Code: 53961444

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  2. Hi Admin,
    Can you give me the unlock code please?
    Modal: HUAWEI E5172s-920
    IMEI: 860453020XXXXXX
    Bro I appreciate your struggle!

  3. Hi Admin, I hope You are fine!
    Can you give me the unlock code please?
    Modal: HUAWEI E5172s-920
    IMEI: 860453020XXXXXX
    Bro I appreciate your struggle!

  4. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for helping all the others. Please help unlock my Huawei E5172Bs-925 router
    IMEI: 357500040XXXXXX

    I’d appreciate this.

      • Thanks man. Router unlocked

        Issue now is there is no signal with ntel SIM and no field to enter APN settings. Any advice please??

          • Reset, resett and resettted the E5172Bs-925 Spectranet router. The SIM seems open with the code but there’s no option to enter APN setting and no network signals in the device. I have tried ntel and glo SIM cards but still no network.

            Please anyine with a solution should please share.

            Thanks Admin for your assistance so far

  5. Hello man, can you please help me my router is locked too 🙁
    here is my IMEI if you can help me : 869763017XXXXXX
    Thanks in advance mate.

  6. Hello,
    can you help me to find a unlockcode for

  7. Can you help me to find a unlock code for
    Model: E5172s-927
    IMEI: 866840022XXXXXX
    Firmware version: V200R001C1304SP300

  8. Hi admin please help. I download update firmware of Huawei (E5172s-920) on this webpage. When I upgrading these firmware in device after uploading “Verification failed”. How can I do my device firmware update…. I am waiting…. Thanks….

  9. Admin,..I don’t know how to say thank you because “Thank you” in itself is not enough. The NCK Code you sent worked perfectly and ‘m eternally grateful. But I want to ask for one more favor as I had tried severally to crack a Huawei Router with Model: B310s-927, IMEI: 869341026XXXXXX, With Serial Number: F5S7S16524XXXXXX

  10. Everytime when I update any firmware with my android mobile wifi after uploading show “file verification failed” option. I don’t understand. Admin help me.

      • I SEE….

        1. HUWAEI B593U-91 (MOBILY)
        2. HUWAEI E5172AS-22 (ZAIN)


  11. sir please my router refused to display network after i inserted an etisalat sim in it…..and if u want me to upgrade firmware,i am nt seeing a field for upgrade on my panel…

    • If you have unlocked it, reset it and then see whether you get the network or not. Otherwise, the only solution is to change the firmware. Update option is there in all the firmwares.

  12. Sir plz help me
    Huawei router E5172as-22 zain
    I have reset router but yet can’t get web login by default user name and password

  13. Dear Sir
    Plz send me link of e5172 multicast upgrade tool so that I can easily follow the procedure to upgrade the existing firmware.
    I shall be thankful.

      • I introduced the code but its not working it writes invalid code.
        my configuration is as follows:
        model : E5172As-22
        S/N : ABY7S14C040XXXXXX
        IMEI : 869763015XXXXXX
        I try with all the software that exists on the net but its not working, if you have a solution please help me.

  14. Hi there,
    I would like to get the unlock code for the following device:
    Model: Huawei E5172s-920 from STC
    IMEI: 86045302XXXXXX
    Thanks in advance

    • Mr. Waseem/ Mr. Ahmed, I know you have changed the name to get two codes.
      If possible kindly pay to keep the site alive
      IMEI- 869763012XXXXXX
      Unlock code- 28131676

  15. dear admin i unlocked my e5172as-22 after that am getting stc 3g connection but 4g is not working i try to connect it manually but its showing registration faild please healp me
    imei number

  16. am impressed about your effort to help people my own device .i need the unlock code for
    model e5172-920
    imei 860453021XXXXXX
    i love your effort

  17. admin, You are wonderful, I than you so much for your support and assistant to help me unlock my router for another network service provide, in fact I am using the router to send you this message God bless you and your organisation

  18. Imei: 860453020XXXXXX
    I tried with online code generator 5 times entered its become wrong 5 more times remaining if you can provide its grateful to you

  19. Hi
    Model no is huawei e5172bs-925 . Now web ui : Megafone (a Russian operator)
    I tried to” change my router firmware, Then a error message occurs “File verification failed.”
    Can u help me

  20. HI all
    I want from you a help please an unlocck code for my router
    huawei Lte cpe E5172 AS-22
    imei 86976315XXXXXX
    thank you ….

    • Login to the router and look it in the settings. Alternatively, you can also find it on the label pasted at the bottom of the router. If the key is changed, you can reset it by using the physical reset button or from the web interface.

  21. Dear Admin, please send me the unlock code for the below
    Model: E5172As-22.
    IMEI: 869763016XXXXXX
    Firmware version: V200R001C849SP300.
    Locked to Zain Jordan.
    Many Thanks


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