How to unlock MTN e5573s-320 MiFi 4G Modem


MTN Ghana is also selling Huawei E5573s-320 router in locked status having firmware version 21.321.01.01.429 and WebUI If your router is from MTN Ghana E5573s-320 then it can be easily without going through any hassle of dismantling the router. Direct unlock link here.

How to unlock e5573s-320 MiFi 4G :



  • Make sure your MTN e5573s-320 router is at least 70% charged.
  • Switch off your e5573 router and insert incompatible SIM & connect the router to your PC or Laptop using the USB cable.
  • Run Firmware downloaded in the beginning. If it asks for the password, generate it from here.

How to unlock MTN e5573s-320 MiFi 4G Modem

  • Press ok and let the installation finish.

Phase 1 of unlocking is now completed.


  • Open DC-Unlocker as administrator. Click on the magnifying glass icon, it will display your device details as given in the image below.
  • At the end of the results type AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 and press Enter.

How to unlock MTN e5573s-320 MiFi 4G Modem

  • The app will return a combination of letter and numbers as given in the picture above.

Copy everything and paste it into the comment section to get your unlock code.


  • Run the firmware, If it asks for the flash code, click here to generate it.
  • After the installation is over, open the web browser and type the IP address of your e5573s-320 MiFi. When prompted, enter the unlock code you received from us to get your device unlocked forever.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the Unlock Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


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