Viva is providing two variants of E5577. One is Viva E5577s-321 and another is Viva E5577Cs-321, Viva E5577s-321 can be unlocked easily and there is already a post (you can see it here). However, Viva E5577Cs-321 is highly secured and cannot be unlocked using the above-mentioned method. Therefore, we have developed a special app to achieve the same.  We are finally, sharing the process to unlock Viva E5577Cs-321 Router Viva with you. The process provided to unlock E5577Cs-321 is safe and device Data (NVRAM) will not get deleted.

Important Update: If the firmware version of your router starts with than the router can be unlocked by just entering the unlock code. No need to go through the hassle of changing the firmware.

Download the Unlocker 1.0 from here.

Update I: Zain Zordan is also offering the E5577s-321 and it comes with firmware version and WebUI version Similarly, German Telekom is also providing Huawei E5577Cs-321 with firmware 21.316.01.01.748 and WebUI Both of these can also be unlocked using the App given here.

Update II: Umniah Telecom, Jordan is also offering E5577Cs-321 with firmware version 21.316.01.00.1029 and web UI which can also be unlocked with this app. To unlock this you don’t even have to unscrew the device, only detect the router, go to download mode and start by flashing firmware 1. The rest of the steps afterward will remain same.

Update III: Successfully unlocked E5577Cs-321 Firmware version and WebUI If your version is, detect your router in the app and immediately jump to phase 2 (No need to unscrew the device and you can skip the loader part).

Update IVOrange, Jordan has also launched Huawei E5577Cs-321. It comes with firmware version and and can be unlocked without unscrewing the router. If the Orange Firmware version is 21.322.01.00.314 and WebUI, unscrew and follow the instructions.

Update V: Eir Network of Ireland has also launched E5577Cs-321 with the firmware version 21.316.01.01.394 and WebUI This can also be unlocked with the below mentioned process.
How to unlock E5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

How to unlock Viva E5577Cs-321 4G Router

Note: Windows XP/7/8 is required for this to work.

Download and Install Drivers from here

Dismantle your Viva E5577Cs-321 router.

Shot the board of the Viva router as given in the picture below. (Join both the points using wire or tweezer (Battery should be plugged in). Without disconnecting the points, plug in the USB cable in the PC/Laptop.  As a consequence, you will hear a sound and a new device (Huawei Mobile Connect…..) will get installed on your PC/Laptop.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

You will find this device in the Ports section of device manager of your PC/Laptop. It should look something like the screenshot below. If it is not there, you will have to redo the previous step.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Phase 1:

Download  Viva E5577Cs-321 Unlocking App and open it. Click on Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter).  After successful login, Select “Apply Loader” option and then click on submit as shown in the pic below.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Phase 2:

After “Loder installed successfully”, open Device Manager again and you will notice two ports now instead of one as given in picture below.

How to unlock E5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

If you can see two ports as shown above, choose “Flash Firmware 1”  and click submit button. Wait for a few seconds and you will receive a message stating the “successful installation” shortly.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Click on “Autodetect Device”. At this stage, it will show your device details.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Choose “Go to Download Mode” option. It will ask for a code, enter the exact code which you have received from us, click OK and then submit it.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

At this point, your Viva E5577Cs-321 may restart, wait for some time till it switches to the correct mode for installing the second firmware. As a consequence, you should get the output given in the screen below.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Your E5577 router screen should look same as given in the pic below.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Phase 3:

Proceed to “Flash” and select “Flash Firmware 2”  option. Press submit and wait for the installation finish message.

How to unlock 5577Cs-321 4G Router Viva

Once it is finished, Click on “Auto Detect Device”. After detection click on “reset FTM” and finally click Submit. Your Viva E5577 router will restart and you will have an unlocked Viva E5577 pocket router.

Note: Click on “Reset FTM” only after successfully flashing the “Firmware 2” otherwise your device will go to semi-dead mode.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the App Code. Kindly proceed only if you are ready to pay the same.


    • i solved the driver issue and i continue the steps until i stopped again on Auto Detect Device when i press on this button it will give please wait in red color and it will hang nothing will happen after that ( i wait more than one hour and it still giving please wait in red color) !!!!!

      what can i do now ??????

  1. I don’t think first firmware is installed in your router. Bcoz after installing first it should show FTM/MMI READY on device screen. Kindly repeat the process from the beginning.

  2. i did ur step its asking fr unlock code

    Choose “GoTo Download Mode” open . It will ask for a code, Enter the exact code which you have received from us. Click OK and then Submit.

  3. Model : E5577Cs-321
    IMEI : 864695030622809
    Firmware :
    WebUI : WEBUI_17.
    Lock Status : Locked
    Attempts Left : 2 out of 2
    when i click on Apply Loader .. error message : Boot Shot failed ?!!!??? why ? & what is download mode unlock code is ?

    • People have claimed that the device screen become white while trying to unlock the device with the firmware version So technically no solution for this firmware version. If still you want to proceed let me know, I will send the code to go to download mode.

          • i did unlock download mode code & did steps flashed it with Firmware 1& 2 then reset FTM…. It Worksssssssssssss OMG thank you so much,,,,GOD bless you 😀

          • Congratulation sir.
            We thanks a lot for the feedback. Can you please mention the provider and country your router was locked to, so that i can update the post accordingly to help others.

          • Provider was locked to viva kuwait 🙂
            but Apply Loader option didn’t work for me .. just login ,detect then download mode with code u gave it to me ,,waited for the device to go download mode then flash 1 & 2 Firmwares then reset FTM..device unlocked & connected successfully 🙂

  4. Device model : E5577s-321
    Imei : 860782035407867
    Locked to Ghana mtn wifi
    Firmware Version: 21.326.62.00.429
    Please help me with the unlock code
    Thank you.

  5. Please send the unlock code
    Model :E5577Cs-321
    IMEI : 860783033225376
    Firmware : 21.316.01.02.401
    WebUI :
    Lock Status : Locked to Fastlink Iraq kurdistan
    Attempts Left : 10 out of 10

  6. Hello,
    please send me an unlock code:

    Device Model: e5577cs-321
    IMEI: 860783039501796
    Firmware Version:
    Provider: Locked to Telekom (Germany)

  7. First: Thank you very much for your efforts.

    Unfortunately the given code does not work.
    Strangely the information about the router says in the rows
    Lock status: Unknown
    Attempts left: Unknown…

    I don’t knmow what to do…
    Best regards,


  8. please advise could I follow the same process, my device
    Huawei LTE E5577Cs-321
    IMEI 864695031151410
    Provider Orange
    Software version 21.322.01.00.314

  9. Hi
    i can´t get to phase 2 because after applying the loader there are no two ports. the display on the huawei shows “installing” without doin anything…

    can you please help me?


  10. sht… can´t paste a pic

    it says at other devices: HUAWEI_MOBILE – no driver installed (Code 28)
    and no more portsection is shown


  11. Unlock code Plz

    Manufacturer : Huawei Umniah
    Model : E5577Cs-321
    IMEI : 860783037292133
    Serial : D2L7N16A28002139
    Firmware :

  12. Hello Admin,

    I followed the steps but while the process of switching to download mode was going on the app crashed and the router shows white screen only , i tried repeating the steps from start but still the same issue.

    Please help.

  13. Device name: E5577Cs-321
    IMSI : 416032109999845
    Software version: 21.316.01.00.1029
    Web UI version:
    UMNIAH Jordan
    unlock code please
    do i have to unscrew the device to unlock it

  14. hi .. please send me the code

    i already transfered

    Transaction ID

    IMEI: 860783037077013, Model Number and Network Operator Name: Umniah Jordan)

    Invoice ID

    • It is not compulsory to create an account if you want to pay using paypal(Account is optional)
      You can use the button pay with PayPal and finally, when PayPal page is displayed, click on create an account.
      You don’t have to create an account. Just click the link and it will allow you to pay using the credit card without creating an account.

    • Click on create account button. Once you are directed to paypal choose the option to pay directly using credit card without creating an account.

  15. Hello Can I use the same method for the following versions
    Device name: E5577Cs-321
    IMEI: 864695031195276
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM11
    Software version: 21.322.01.00.314
    Web UI version:


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