Zain Kuwait has recently launched a new router named E5573Cs-322. It is highly secured and cannot be unlocked by changing the firmware. If you try to install a new firmware it will not be accepted and will return an error. For this reason, we have built up a special app and today we are going to share the process to unlock Zain E5573Cs-322. Our team has worked very hard to get this app error-free and numerous tests have been already done at our end, the chances of errors are negligible. Still, in case if you confront any problem (rare), kindly let us know.

Update: Airtel and Idea (India) e5573Cs-609 can also be unlocked using the same app.

How to unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

How to unlock Zain E5573Cs-322 4G Router

Note: Windows XP/7/8 is required for this to function.

Download and Install Drivers from here.

Phase I:

Download  Zain E5573Cs-322 Unlocking App and open it. Go to User Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter). After successful login, Click on “Auto Detect Device”, your device information will get displayed.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

Don’t close the App, dismantle your Zain E5573Cs-322 router. Shot the board of the Zain router as given in the picture beneath. (Join both the points using wire or any other metal, Battery should be plugged in). Keep them joined and plug in the USB cable in the PC/Laptop. You will hear a sound and a new device (Huawei Mobile Connect…..) will get installed on your PC/Laptop.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

You will notice this device in the Ports section of device manager of your PC/Laptop, should look similar to one given below.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

Phase II:

Once you see the newly installed port, select “Apply Loader” option in the unlocking App and then click on submit as shown in the pic below.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

After “Loder installed successfully”, open Device Manager again and you will notice two ports now instead of one as given in picture below.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

If you can see two ports, as shown above, choose “Flash Firmware 1” and click submit button. You will be asked to enter a code. Enter the code received from us. Wait for the progress bar to finish and you will receive a message stating the “successful installation” shortly.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

Phase III:

Click on “AutoDetect Device”. It will again display the details of your device.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

At this point choose “Go To Download Mode” option. It will ask for a code, Enter the exact code which you have got from us and click OK and then finally submit it.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

The Zain E5573Cs-322 router will restart, wait for some time till it moves to the correct mode to install the second firmware. At this point, Your app screen should appear similar to the one given below.

Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

Wait for one or two minutes(Recommended) and click on “Flash Firmware 2”, press submit and wait for the installation finish message. Unlock Zain e5573Cs-322

Once the flashing is done, click on “AutoDetect Device”. Your device details will be shown on the screen. Next, click on “Reset FTM” and then press Submit. Your Zain E5573 router will restart and you will have an unlocked Zain E5573 pocket router.

Note: Click on “Reset-FTM” only after successfully flashing “Firmware 2” otherwise your device will go to semi-dead mode.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the App Code. Kindly proceed only if you are ready to pay the same.





    SOFTWARE VER IS 21.327.62.00.76



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